My Walled City

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Okay, it really isn’t mine but it is part of my heritage. I don’t even think I have truly and properly experienced the whole walled city – ever! I will correct this shortcoming next time I go ‘home’. (It’s really not home anymore but it’s where I’m originally from.…

The effect bribery can have

Makes us think doesn’t it. When your candle runs out on earth, how would you like to be remembered? Bribing is an everyday occurrence, that’s a fact , unfortunately. I can’t defend it since I’ve been a victim myself. However, there are, to my mind, good and bad bribery. If you live in a country…

Meanwhile back in South Africa

I’ll just leave this here. I don’t even think: Wake up and smell the hummus will work for this individual   But let me try anyway.   WAKE UP AND SMELL THE HUMMUS YOU IDIOT


So the hourglass has almost run out…  Promises or lies?  Democrat or Republican?  What the people want to hear or what they think is best for the people?  You will never know… Till the last grain of sand falls. 


Don’t be a spineless jellyfish that always goes with the stream.  Wake Up And Smell The Hummus, swim against what bad life throws at you. Be you and not the norm ­čÖé

Scamming 101

Sad week that past. Our family was desperately searching for holiday accommodation for the upcoming Christmas season. We settled on the beautiful Garden Route nestled in the Eastern Cape. So the search commenced. Spending hours trying to filter “available” places in popular towns like George, Mosselbay, Hartenbos and the likes, I put “available” in quotations…

Pen Tree

I hab a pen I hab a tree Pen tree

Rewarding Stupidity 

Or is it… There used to be a list of things that society paid greater attention to. News, year round politics and the stock market. Things with true value. Now there is a new kid on the block: Stupidity. How is it that this action has become a skill, and a rewarding one at that….