Rewarding Stupidity 

Or is it…
There used to be a list of things that society paid greater attention to. News, year round politics and the stock market. Things with true value.
Now there is a new kid on the block: Stupidity.

How is it that this action has become a skill, and a rewarding one at that. Society has become oblivious to the fact that this trait is being promoted within itself. Mostly/primarily through television. I mean really, in America, more people watch Jersey Shore and Honey Boo Boo than the annual turnout for voting. There might be an explanation why those people choose to watch this. Perhaps they make light of their own shortcomings and thus can relate, not knowing that in fact the show is scripted… essentially encouraging stupidity. Brainwashed much?

Citizens of America watching these shows: “Wake up and smell the hummus” you are rewarding this trait.
Just to show I have nothing against Americans. I can nitpick on my own country and people in it for that matter.

Where do I start? South Africa is a circus when it comes to rewarding stupidity. Not so much via television, but the general public putting a clown in power. And that clown sowing his seeds of clowns. In South Africa there is a fine line between hate speech and freedom of speech. Think of it as the weaving line in a Ying Yang. So I’ll choose my words carefully. The leader of the African National Clowns aka ANC is stupid, period. His track record confirms it. So being stupid in this country has its perks, and the uneducated are easily convinced. So keeping stupid people stupid will get you far.

Oh and Eugene Terblanche is also stupid. You don’t try PoP a wheelie on a horse on cobblestones. It will make for an embarrassing outcome.
So Mr Zuma: “Wake up and smell the hummus” or in your case Nkandla kraalmis. You are depriving the people because of your trait.

And then there is the Philippines. Oh my…
Having traveled there and witnessing first hand how to brainwash fellow countrymen with meaningless campaigns and loudhowling. Specifically the Turd, or is it Duterte? The man has a vision and not all his policies are stupid. However if you are a country with a growing economy, the last thing you want to do is unfriend the UN and Obama from your Facebook friends. So through his stupidity and those that voted for him, he got rewarded.

The Turd must please wake up and smell the hummus. It’s for your own good and the good of your people.
So let’s not promote this trait any further, let’s all wake up and smell the hummus, talk sense and do sensible things.
If you have someone you feel should wake up and smell the hummus, leave a comment with the name, and tell them to,

Wake Up And Smell The Hummus.


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